How does donating to United Way help my Community?

Of all the things you could spend your money on, after food and rent or mortgage, after clothes and toilet paper, even after spending a few bucks on the fun things in life, you still feel like your money could go further. Maybe you see suffering or struggle in your community, and you wonder how you can help.

Giving to charity, even just a few dollars, can make an enormous difference in the eight counties United Way of North Central Iowa serves. From Floyd to Kossuth and Franklin County to the Minnesota border, giving your money to the United Way of North Central Iowa is the single most effective use of your money.

Donors are often curious about how United Way makes a positive difference in our community. Just as you are careful with how you spend your money, we’re just as careful with money donated to us.

These are our priorities when determining which programs to support:

  • Improving health outcomes for people of all ages
  • Expanding access to educational opportunities
  • Strengthening financial stability for individuals and families

Read on for more information about how YOU can get involved in the United Way allocations process!

We fund programs — not organizations

There are 22 agencies in north Central Iowa that are members of the United Way. Each member agency is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. And each is eligible to receive a grant to support a particular program.

Our focus on programs (rather than organizations) allows us to be more intentional with our grant awards. We fund the community programs that are transforming our neighbors’ health, education, and financial stability.

Donating to United Way is perhaps the best way to show your commitment to these values since grants are awarded on behalf of people — like you — who give where they live! 

Allocations: donating to United Way gives you a voice

Did you know that volunteers directly influence which programs receive funding each year?

Yes, YOU can help determine how your dollars are allocated across the region! Join a committee to become part of the process:

  • Listen to each program present their grant application
  • Consult with the committee to make a group recommendation
  • Watch your donation go to work in your community

If you’re interested in volunteering on an allocations committee, please email Jen.